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Our firewall servers offer complete firewall protection, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Web Content Filtering, Email Filtering, Routing, DOS, DHCP, VPN's, Dynamic DNS, Logging and Reporting for small and medium sized office (up to 100 users) networks.

internet Firewall Servers Calyptix AccessEnforcer™ Pricing
Support for # of Users
AE800R 1-10 users
AE800 10-25 users
AE1400 25-50 users
2nd+ AE800R / branch office
2nd+ AE800 / branch office
2nd+ AE1400 / branch office

This includes the server hardware, all enhancement software, a one time download of the most recent URL blacklist to date, and our Managed Service to assist you in configuring your internet Firewall Server. We will install all of the software and enhancements on the server, and configure everything according to your setup documentation before shipping it to you or optionally installing it for you at your place of business.

Before purchasing our internet Firewall Server, we will have you complete a list of questions about your network and internet configuration. This is done so that when you receive the device it will come preconfigured for your network with the most common categories. All you will have to do is plug in the server, connect it to your internet service and your local network and turn it on. We will include a set of instructions that explain what changes you will have to make, if any, on the server and on each pc on your network to allow them to operate through the firewall.

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Monthly Management: $45 (1hr) or $75 (2hr) per Month or $495/$825 per year. ( Pay for 11 months get 1 months free)

Our Monthly Management service provides you with our indepth knowledge and service for our firewall servers. This services includes:

  • Up to 2 hours per month for all of the following services.
  • We will maintain for you all aspects of the admin interface. This includes configuration of all services, ie: access control lists, user and authentication controls, hosts and VPN configurations, firewall configurations, configuration of blockout rules, port mappings, etc. If you need a website blocked or removed from a block, or need a VPN for a remote user setup, all you have to do is call us or submit a support ticket and we will take care of it.
  • Access to phone based support for any issues related to the firewall server and its use on the network or interaction with the pc's on the network.
  • Providing all necessary reports to you.
  • Priority support and review on All Logs and Reports. We will investigate any issue submitted pertaining to the logs or reports.
  • Best Effort support for general Internet/network question not necessarily related to the internet Firewall Server Service
  • Extended Hardware Warranty - we will replace any parts that fail under normal usage for as long as you maintain an annual agreement with us. This does not include failures due to lightning, power surges, damage from liquids or act of nature, war, or intentional damage.
  • Includes an Annual Vulnerability Assessement Report at no additional cost.

Optional Onsite Installation: $80 per hour:

We will come to your place of business to install the Calyptix AccessEnforcer™ internet Firewall Server on your network, connect it to the internet, configure the authentication features, configure your pc's to access the internet through the server, and test the server and the blocking services. We will update the Custom Blacklists and Custom Whitelists for any sites that need to be added and show you how to do the same. A basic installation will take at least 2 hours. Depending upon the amount of customization needed and the number of pc's on your network, this time could be longer.


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